How it works

BRĀV is more than a powerful backup solution.  The RCG BRĀV is a great utility tool that enables virtual server testing for operating system and application updates, virtual recovery of failed servers, and bare metal restore from one server to another.

Quick Standby Server

When a disaster happens the RCG BRĀV enables the rapid creation of a virtual server to provide recovery time objectives (RTO) as short as five minutes. This quick failover allows key business functions to remain operational.  A server or servers can run virtually as long as you need, allowing you time to diagnose the problem and determine the next course of action in restoring or replacing the server(s).

Bare Metal Restore

For most companies it is not economically prudent to have duplicate hardware on standby in case of a server failure. That’s why the RCG BRĀV is equipped to do a bare metal restore to any available hardware configuration, giving you more options in times of crisis.

File & Database Recovery

For file and database recovery, the RCG BRĀV brings simplicity, speed, and reliability to an often painful task. By taking 5 minute snapshots of each server, BRĀV eliminates the time-wasting tasks of tape recovery.  Since BRĀV uses block level replication it also protects against corrupted files or databases.

Mailbox & Message Restore

Email has become the lifeblood of the business world and with the RCG BRĀV you can keep messages flowing throughout your company. With short recovery times and frequent recovery points, setbacks are fewer and employees are able to stay connected and productive - whether you’re facing the failure of an Exchange server or just a mistakenly deleted email.

Virtual Machine Testing

The RCG BRĀV also provides easy-to-use testing capabilities, so that with a few clicks of a mouse, a virtual machine can be created.  Testing enables companies to
meet compliance requirements and test business continuity strategies without the hassles of other backup solutions.

Virtual Server Migration Bridge

When you need to migrate physical servers, the RCG BRĀV allows you to virtualize the old server and then perform a bare metal restore on the new hardware. This helps eliminate service outages, end user downtime, and the time spent configuring new hardware.

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5 Minute RPO & RTO:
RCG's BRĀV brings new levels of simplicity and speed to your server and file restoration while bringing the power of virtualization to your business without costly licenses or extra hardware.

What is RPO & RTO?
Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is the time that data loss is acceptable.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the duration of time and service level which a business process must be restored after a disaster in order to avoid unacceptable consequences associated with a break in continuity.

The RPO in conjunction with RTO is the basis on which data protection strategy is developed.

Example: "If there is a complete replication at 10:00am and the system dies at 11:59am without a new replication, the loss of the data written between 10:00am and 11:59am will not be recovered from the replica. This amount of time data has been lost has been deemed acceptable because of the 2 hour RPO.  All data in between will have to be manually recovered through other means."  

source: Wikipedia



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